Award winning shop Corky Saint Clair showcases the design work of Christopher Bril and other local designers under the auspices of Melbourne label Corky.

Corky is designed in Melbourne and sold in shops around the world. We specialise in sterling silver jewellery but have increasingly been making pieces with semi precious and unusual stones. In particular we have a fondness for raw, rough cut and rose cut stones.

We have the largest range of Herkimer jewellery in Melbourne. Herkimers are very bright, uncut crystals from upstate New York. Each one has 18 facets regardless of size. Our Herkimer studs are a gorgeous, casual alternative to solitaire diamond studs. Herkimers are very hard, rating about as hard as a ruby, so this range is as durable as it is pretty.

As a retail space Corky Saint Clair is a sensory treat. Our fit out (designed by fine artist Tim Sterling) is reminiscent of a wunderkammer - a cabinet of curiosities. Each of the plywood boxes that make up the shop’s layout is curated with different themes, making the browsing experience a visual pleasure.

Of course, the best way to experience it is by visiting us!