HOLY MOUNTAIN 4 features a green Australian sapphire in a stunning freeform design. The stone weighs 1.25ct and measures 9.45mm x 5.04mm. It was found in Central Queensland. This sapphire is eye clean and unheated.

This gorgeous green sapphire was cut in an asymmetrical shape by Bradley Gems to create a one of a kind gem. The sapphire 'mountain' is flanked by three 'stars' on the horizon which we represented using white diamonds. 

Our intention was to create a ring that blurred the line between an asymmetric / contemporary aesthetic with a fine jewellery sensibility. The 18K white gold band has knife edge detail and has a nice heft - this ring feels like an heirloom piece.

This unique ring was designed by Christopher Bril for Corky Saint Clair.  Holy Mountain was made in Melbourne.