ANDROMEDA CLUSTER II-Rings-Corkysaintclair Melbourne


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Introducing our latest addition to our jewelry collection: ANDROMEDA CLUSTER

Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the closest galaxy to ours Andromeda, this stunning ring showcases the awe inspiring power of The Universe.

This bicolour Australian sapphire at the centre of the ANDROMEDA CLUSTER is a rare and exquisite gemstone, prized for its natural beauty and unique colouration - shifting from deep blue, bright green, golden yellow with flashes of iridescent blue. Each bicolour sapphire is unique, with its own distinctive blend of hues and patterns.

Bi-colour sapphires are a rare delight in the gem world, prized for their dual tones that capture a mesmerising depth of colour in a single stone. Each gem melds two distinct colours, often in vibrant contrast, creating a visual spectacle. 

This elongated hexagon measures 9.65mm x 4.64mm and weighs 1.28ct. It was cut locally by legendary Melbourne lapidarist Tia Ong, also known as Pebblesprout.

Surrounding this magnificent gemstone are six natural white diamonds of different shapes, cuts and sizes, creating a dazzling and intricate surface.

This one-off ring is completely built by hand in Melbourne.

This ring has been built in 18K Platinum

Designed by Chris Bri for Corky Saint Clair. Made in Melbourne.