We have a vast collection of Australian sapphires. Here is a brief selection of some of our favourite available sapphires.

ROUND BRILLIANT 10.65mm / 2.92ct / QLD Cut by Bob Lakey

PEAR CUT 7.65mm x 4.76mm / 1.85ct / QLD Cut by Tim Manere


PEAR CUT 11.53mm x 7.55mm / 5.311ct / QLD Cut by Joel Phelps


Our Australian Diamonds are from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. All diamonds come with appropriate certification. 

Here are some diamonds that are currently available to use in bespoke projects. 

(We don't sell loose stones on their own.)

SQUARE 7.2 x 6.96mm / 2.52ct

ROUND BRILLIANT 7.92mm / 2.01ct

RADIANT CUT 6.38 X 5.12mm / 1.22ct


PEAR CUT 8.04 x 5.33mm / 1.01ct


EMERALD CUT 6.93 x 4.86mm / 1.12ct


PEAR CUT 8.04 x 5.31mm / 0.90ct


EMERALD CUT 6.18 x 4.94mm / 1.02ct



OVAL CUT 7.99 x 5.21mm / 1.00ct / C3


RADIANT CUT 6.38 x 5.18mm / 1.00ct / C5


EMERALD CUT 7.98 x 4.89mm / 1.20ct  / C7


MARQUISE CUT 7.3 x 3.91mm / 0.40ct / C2