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Meet our new star piece from the jewellery line: ANDROMEDA CLUSTER.

Drawing inspiration from Andromeda, the galaxy nearest to ours, this ring captures the grandeur of the cosmos. At the heart of the ANDROMEDA CLUSTER is a bi-colour Australian sapphire, a vibrant gem celebrated for its natural beauty and shifting hues of blue, green, and yellow. Each sapphire presents a unique mix of colours and patterns.

Bi-colour sapphires are a rare delight in the gem world, prized for their dual tones that capture a mesmerising depth of colour in a single stone. Each gem melds two distinct colours, often in vibrant contrast, creating a visual spectacle. 

The sapphire's dimensions are 9.40mm x 4.01mm, and it weighs 1.4ct. It is locally sourced and cut.

Encircling the central sapphire are six natural white diamonds. These stones vary in shape, cut, and size, creating a complex and radiant display.

This unique ring was crafted by hand in Melbourne.

The ring is fashioned from 18K White Gold.

The ANDROMEDA CLUSTER was designed by Chris Bri for Corky Saint Clair and crafted in Melbourne.

Designed by Chris Bri for Corky Saint Clair. Made in Melbourne.