The GREEN LOTUS RING is a unique piece of jewelry that captures the serene and harmonious beauty of the lotus flower.

The center of the ring features a rare Australian sapphire with a vibrant green color, sourced from Central Queensland and cut locally. This gorgeous sapphire measures 8.02mm x 6.15mm and weighs 1.6ct.

The sapphire is flanked by two pear-cut white diamonds with a color rating of E and a clarity rating of VS, enhancing the serene beauty of the lotus design. The hand-made 18K white gold band adds a classic beauty to the piece.

In ancient cultures, the lotus flower symbolized purity and harmony. This ring captures the essence of this symbolism.

Australian sapphires are known for their rare beauty and ethical production. The unique geology of Australia provides the perfect conditions for the formation of high-quality sapphires, which are renowned for their bright colors and exceptional clarity. Furthermore, the mining and cutting of Australian sapphires is carefully regulated to ensure that they are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Solid green sapphires are particularly rare and highly sought after;  they make an excellent substitute for emeralds, as they are far more durable and often more beautiful. This makes the GREEN LOTUS RING an outstanding choice for those looking for a stunning and rare gemstone that is also ethical and sustainable.

Designed by Chris Bril for Corky Saint Clair. Made in Melbourne.