Introducing CLARITY - our sleek diamond ring that makes a statement with minimal design. Our perfectly realised piece showcases a forty-point lab-grown diamond (0.4 carats; VS, color E) set in a hand carved tapered solid gold band.

Diamonds have long been a symbol of love, representing the timeless commitment shared between two people. The adamantine beauty and the durability of diamonds make them the perfect choice for engagement rings and their brilliance serves as a reminder of the enduring love that binds two hearts together.

Lab-grown diamonds have emerged as a compelling ethical and modern choice for engagement rings. They are chemically identical to mined diamonds. 

Traditional mined diamonds have faced scrutiny due to their negative social and environmental impacts. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds offer a more sustainable alternative. Created in controlled laboratory environments, they do not contribute to issues such as deforestation, soil erosion, or ecosystem destruction associated with diamond mining

Stack this ring with others or make a statement about simplicity by wearing it on its own.

Please email us your ring size and gold choice as this ring is built to order. We have one 9K yellow gold ring  and one 18K yellow gold ring in the studio.

Designed by Chris Bril for Corky Saint Clair. Made in Melbourne.