Discover GOLDEN AGE V – a stunning engagement ring that redefines elegance with a touch of modernity. This exceptional piece showcases three white diamonds.

At the heart of this beautiful work lies an emerald cut lab-grown diamond (0.4ct F VS1),  set in a contemporary looking East-West orientation, it commands attention and adds a fresh twist to tradition.

Lab grown diamonds are identical in chemical composition to mined diamonds without the ethical concerns that come with the mining process, particularly larger African diamonds. 

Flanking the centre stone are two white round Australian natural diamonds mined at the famed Argyle Mine, WA. All three diamonds are securely nestled within an 18K yellow gold band.

The horizontal alignment of the diamonds brings a dash of boldness to the ring's design. This "East-West" configuration not only captivates the eye but also accentuates the prominence of the central diamond, creating a look that's both edgy and refined.

Named after a period of prosperity and cultural brilliance, the GOLDEN AGE ring embodies innovation, creativity, and achievement. It is a tribute to the modern woman – confident, independent, and unapologetically herself.

Let this hand made work be a symbol of your journey, a reminder of your unique expression, and a celebration of your own golden age.

Designed by Christopher Bril for Corky Saint Clair. Made by hand in Melbourne.