Our HEART & HAND RING has rough hewn texture with classic proportions and strong, solid sculptural feeling. This ring features an untreated Australian spinel with a gorgeous mauve colour.

This beautiful spinel measures 7 x 5mm and weighs 0.8ct. 

The ring is set in 9K yellow gold.

Australian spinels are an exquisite gemstone that have been gaining popularity in recent years for their beauty and durability. Unlike other gemstones, spinels are not treated or enhanced, making them a natural and authentic choice for jewellery.

Their colours range from vibrant reds to deep blues and purples, making them a versatile gemstone that can be used in a wide range of designs. With a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale, they are also a durable and long-lasting choice for jewellery.

This ring was designed by Chris Bril.  Hand made in Melbourne. 

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