Vashon Island, a peaceful haven in Puget Sound, is known for its lush forests, picturesque landscapes, and breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding waters. The tranquil beauty of this island is captured perfectly in our new VASHON ring.

The centre stone weighs 1.02ct. This stunning 'colour shift' sapphire, captivates with its deep, rich blue hues that effortlessly transition to vibrant teal and green under different lighting. This mesmerising gemstone changes from a cool, serene blue to an oceanic teal, offering a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience.

Crafted with precision, VASHON  is illuminated with lab-grown baguette diamonds that offer the brilliance of traditional diamonds at an affordable price point. These diamonds are set in 14k yellow gold. The 14k gold setting ensures that the ring will maintain its lustre without oxidising or discolouring, making it perfect for everyday wear.

The bezel setting of the VASHON  ring not only enhances the visual presence of the stones but also provides a smooth, low profile. This setting style is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle or need a ring that won't catch on clothing and other materials. Coupled with its classic styling, the VACHON ring is an impeccable choice for anyone looking to make a statement of elegance and sophistication every day